Brand New. O2 Academy Leeds. 2014

The Front Bottoms (3D). O2 Academy, Leeds. 2014.

Paul performing his signature “High Kick” on break at Awesome Merchandise. (3D) Leeds. 2014

Mothers day eve. Leeds. 2014

(Work in progress.) 2014.

Café 164. Leeds. 2014.

(I’m planning on turning this series into a publication, so this will be the last image I’ll post from this body of work, until I’ve got it printed. I’m excited to get more images together and finally have something solid to show people and for people to hopefully purchase! Stay tuned!) AS x

Café 164. Leeds. 2014.

The Tiled Hall, Leeds Art Galllery. Leeds. 2014

Definitely just got caught. The girl stared into the lens for about 2 minutes, it made my stomach wrench but I just kept looking at the screen and her glare. It felt like she was looking straight into my eyes (although actually all she could see was the reflection of herself in the end of the lens). I could see her mouthing to the boy sat opposite; “he’s taking photos of me”.
I persisted, then as her gaze turned away I moved my camera. I daren’t take a photo as she stared in, frozen by the contact to what is usually such a solitary experience for me. Scared to let myself be known, the blades of the aperture would close down to a hole described as f9 by my cameras LCD screen, and I would probably have received a hurl of abuse, to which my tender head (due to drinking the night before this) would not be able to articulate a satisfactory reply.
I pull out a book and pretend to read the pages although I know the words aren’t sinking in.
I’ve made this slice of cake and bottle of coke last over an hour already, perhaps when they leave I will take photos of the next group of people to sit down.

Leeds. 2014.