London. 2014.

Interiors. London. 2014.

White Devil White Devil. London. 2014

Modern Baseball. The Key Club, Leeds. 2014.

Modern Baseball. The Key Club, Leeds. 2014. (modernbaseballbandpa runforcoverrecords)

Torpor. London. 2014.

London. 2014.

Torpor. London. 2014

Today I got the email.

"Explainlater is 4 years old!"

Thanks for following! And thanks for reblogging, it’s the only encouragement I have to keep going, as I do this for the enjoyment of photography, not for money (3D photos are really expensive!).
Off to see a band next week that I hope you’ll all enjoy photos of! Any guesses who?

Again, thanks!

Yours sincerely,
Adam Stockwell

Nai Harvest. Brudenell Social Club. 2014. (naiharvestband)

(I was quite ill at this gig so unfortunately I didn’t get any good photos of Superheaven, well, not 2D ones anyway… I’ll get the 3D photos developed soon, I promise.)