Further coffee shop stalking. Leeds. 2014.

This is me. Taken by Thom on my camera. 2014.

Leeds. 2014.

Awesome Merchandise. Leeds. 2014.

Awesome Merchandise. Leeds. 2014.

(I work for AM in the design team, today we started a move to a new location, I took the opportunity to take a few shots.)

I don’t want to love you, but I don’t want you to leave. 2014.

Thom. 2014.


Anonymous asked:

How do you take the 3D photos? I mean how can you do it so quickly with an analog camera especially at gigs?!


I get asked this question quite often, for the time being I’m keeping my practice a secret.

If you want to create images like this, I suggest you start to experiment. I’m most certain, that through your own innovation you have the ability to solve the mystery.

The process that I use is not accurate, it is in-fact rather time consuming and expensive, I would recommend you find your own way.



Oh, I’d like to take the opportunity to say Hello to anyone passing through.

Thanks to anyone reblogging and liking my work.

And At the time of writing this, I’m at 501 followers, whilst this might not be ground-breaking, I am very appreciative of anyone who continues to look at the things that I make.

Much Love,


Leeds. 2013.