Leeds. 2013

Tropical World. Leeds. 2013.

Leeds. 3D. Unknown parent and child on amusement ride. 2013.


Anonymous asked:

You're extremely talented and have a great mind. Please keep taking photos and post more of your work when you can. It's an absolute delight to look at!


Oh my! Gosh! Genuinely taken back. Thanks anonymous! Who art thou? Mysterious grey faced lover!

(I’ve got some photos to post over the coming days!)


subculturecreature asked:

you're frustration doesn't go unnoticed. some of your photos/gifs leave me staring at my screen for a good five minutes.


I’m glad to have helped you procrastinate.

Thanks for doing a nice.

(Two asks in a day. If the gif works, this is how I feel.)

Edit: Gif didn’t work. It was a child being knocked over by post.



Anonymous asked:

you've probably been asked thousands of times, but how do you make still images 3D?


30% Frustration

20% Inginuity

50% Waste of money and time.

Thanks for stopping by! (More asks wouldn’t go a miss. Ps. Hello new followers.)


pups-in-cups asked:

Woah I'm looking through your blog and some of yours pics are scarily similar to ones I've taken in Leeds ha :)



Canaya. The Brudnell Social Club. 2013.

Cowtown. The Brudenell Social Club, Leeds. 2013.

Humanfly. (3D). (Humanfly’s goodbye show, Halloween.) Brudenell Social Club, Leeds. 2013.