Pret. Leeds. 2014.


Anonymous asked:

What do you do if people notice you taking their picture? I'd be mortified...


You’d be mortified to be caught taking the picture? Or to have had your picture taken?

I generally give them a smile and carry on, some people just smile back. I’ve only had 3 arguments with people over it. They’ve all been men around 50 years of age. Its good. It gives me a reason to stand my ground. And if I cannot justify why I took their photo, well, I guess I shouldn’t carry on taking photos. (NB. These arguments all happened when I was using film. They often asked for their image to be deleted. Not that I would have done even given the opportunity.)

Why Anon? Thanks for the question though.

AS. x

Kirkgate Market. Leeds. 2014.

Coffee Shop Lurking. The Hepworth Gallery. Wakefield. 2014.

Leeds. 2014.

Leeds. 2014.

Shooting in digital is throwing up so many editing… things, that I just didn’t care about when shooting film. It’s more complicated.

The argument. (More coffee shop lurking.) Leeds. 2014.

Leeds. 2014.

Leeds. 2014.

(I am gradually becoming more confident shooting digitally.)

Further coffee shop stalking. Leeds. 2014.