Deafheaven (3D). Gorilla, Manchester. 2014.

Chelsea Wolfe (3D). Gorilla, Manchester. 2014.

Deafheaven (3D). Gorilla, Manchester. 2014.

Citizen (3d). The Brudenell Social Club, Leeds. 2014. runforcoverrecords

Slaves (3D). The Parish, Huddersfield. 2014. slavesuk

The Bronx (3D). The Parish, Huddersfield. 2014.

Liam hard at work at Awesome Merchandise (3D). 2014.

Jarv being a 3D magician. Awesome Merchandise, Leeds. 2014.

The other day Big Scary Monsters and Alcopop Records visited Awesome Merchandise. Heres a 3D photo of the occasion. 2014.

La Dispute (3D). Brudnell Social Club, Leeds. 2014.