Deafheaven (3D). Corporation, Sheffield. 2013.

(I’d recommend listening to the record and see if you can sync up the blast beats to the photo.)

Deafheaven (3D). Corporation, Sheffield. 2013.

Ezra Tren. Vau Vau, Leeds. 2013.

(There’s a bit of movement… These girls walk faster than I expected!)

Alysha Nett and Ezra Tren. Vau Vau, Leeds. 2013.

Title Fight. Cockpit, Leeds. 2013.

Myself and good friends (/artists) Simon Boase and Aaron McLaughlin.

During Aarons exhibition at Mexico Project Space.

Sleep Party People (3D). Brudenell Social Club, Leeds. 2012.

Circle Pit. (Converge.) Koko, London. 2012.

Converge. Koko, London. 2012.