Converge. Koko, London. 2012.

Touché Amoré. Koko, London. 2012.

(Here’s one more, I’m going to go get the Converge negatives scanned again now, so you can expect them later on this evening!)

Touché Amoré (3D). Koko, London. 2012.

Touché Amoré (3D). Koko, London. 2012.

(I’ll post a few of the photos of Touché but unfortunately the lab didn’t scan my negatives of Converge properly, so you’ll all have to wait for those!)

Rolo Tomassi (3D). Cockpit, Leeds. 2012.

Goodtime Boys (3d). Cockpit, Leeds. 2012.

Oathbreaker. (3d). Cockpit, Leeds. 2012.

Bristol Balloon Fiesta. 2012.

Suis La Lune (3D). The Well, Leeds. 2012.